FATA issue


The FATA debate is on with different voices and views. The minority voice is of those who understand the people of FATA and their way of life. There is an open difference in settled area pushtoons and pushtoons living in the FATA. The tribal are divided into tribes in a unique way where they have a tight linkage between each member of the tribe. Such tribal societies are found rarely in the world. Their issues, conflicts, getting and receiving rights can’t not be judged or decided by a court of law which are in working in the rest of the country. Their own system of mutual understanding and agreeing on third party decision (while giving the full right to decide) is the only way of justice where they are honored, and bestowed.There will be one united voice which will be raised if you go for a referendum and that is, FATA people wants to live a life in same tribe’s society where decisions are made within themselves (respecting the full structure of the tribal society). They will have no issue in merger with KPK province or giving them a separate status unless their voice is heard and action is taken. They need a new horizon for their region and its people based on humanitarian Islamic principles where the system and practice are completely adjacent with the current and new challenges, conditions and innovations.They will demand to give the full fledge citizen rights to them and integrate FATA into Pakistan where FATA people gets a DISTINCT status, that will cover the laws and policies of Pakistan and as well the distinct culture of FATA tribes. They also want to restore the JIRGA system and structure with a new and broad positive vision, composed of the elected council members, intellectual of the area and representation from the government authority. The Jirga’s role will be to advise, suggest on criminal offense, support in bringing those criminals to justice (courts) AND resolving non-criminal issues/cases (including the non-criminal culture issues), and formulating grand national LASHKAR to protect the order. JIRGA will introduce collective social welfare system and will look after the religious institutes.

In such new arenas, they don’t want the Political agent role and that to be replaced by civil administration as practiced in the entire country and MALEKs (selected by the Political authorities) to be replaced by the elective council members.

They will demand to have extra funding on initial basis for the rebuilding the damaged houses, roads and areas and rebuilding that infrastructure along with new development of schools, Hospital, and drinking water facilities

By Noor A S Qureshi – Abu Dhabi UAE (February 20, 2017)

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