Gul khanism


First we should define the term Gul khan. What does it mean? Where this term leads us to: obviously this leads us to gull khanisam that suffered most of by Pashtun brothers. GUL KHANS is a kind of people who had no past, no present and will be no future.                                                      

Being as an engineering student I have no deal with politics. but when i see my people especially (GUL KHAN) types of people, whose say “yes sir” on every test implanted by government. it’s break me off from inner, thanks’ GUL KHAN to be motivated me, to write somethings about you Mental Slave. Now we will put a glance on what is Mental Slavery that GUL KHAN have experienced too much and has a favorite ambition of (Mental Slavery.

Mental Slavery is a situation whereby a person’s mind is drifted to the wrong course, held still (motionless) or fed with poisonous (damaging) information. A mental slave is one who is mentally held captive with deceptive information or a person whose mind is held motionless.

Generally, Mental Slavery is primarily as a result of misinformation, weird superstitions, unhealthy and standstill traditional beliefs and cultural practices, faulty and weak education, misuse of religion and maladministration of religious doctrines by untrained individuals; reverse modern day colonialism (neo-colonialism) and generally, any form of mind diversion that is intended for deceitful purposes.

Anyone who acts upon or holds firmly and conscientiously in his mind information that cannot be proven in any manner scientifically or logically, that person is a mental slave. (Simply a new Pashto term that mention above GUL KHAN) will be talk on briefly in next article.                                                                                                                                 False religious teachings and abuse of religious tools have contributed a lot to mass a wise person once said, “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” However, at this point, at this stage in evolution, no one is hopelessly enslaved.                                 

We, you and I, we are mentally enslaved. We all toil on a mental plantation.Slavery as we choose to understand it is over, but the slavery that we refuse to admit to still exist. This never-ending slavery is the slavery of the mind. Our ancestors were released from their physical bondage and we ended up in mental bondage. This bondage is caused by our lower desires. Our lower desires being our hatred, envy, lust, and jealousy of one another. This bondage is caused from a lack of understanding ourselves.

We can free our minds; we can free ourselves at any time, if you have the courage to surrender and transcendental slavery most. Ignore that voice of fear. You don’t have to keep your mouth shut. You are not powerless. Resistance is not futile. At this stage, conformity is futile. In fact, you don’t need to resist anything. This is not about resisting; this is about transcending, transcending and expanding your awareness. To free ourselves from this bondage, we must start by freeing our minds. We must free ourselves from the stereotypes that are placed over our heads. We must play more, and argue less. We must cut back on music, and read more books. We must live within our means, and not by others standards. We must be more self-sufficient and less dependent. We must start somewhere.

If we spend more time acting like human beings, we’ll spend less time treating one another like animals. The only way we can successfully free ourselves from this mental slavery is to educate ourselves. Educate ourselves in these schools and universities. Educate ourselves to the struggles of our ancestors. By this, we can stop history from repeating itself. Knowledge is the key to unlock the manacles from around our train of thinking.

Gillman advises that an essential step in breaking free of mental slavery is for a person to make the commitment to themselves to do so.  Like most everything in life, mental slavery can only happen if we allow it.  I can attest that taking control of your mind is taking control of your life.  It has allowed me to dramatically change myself and my life for the better. Gillman writes:

Your progress toward a mind that truly serves your highest purpose will always depend on your willingness to observe yourself.  When you do that, you’ll start to see where you are giving your freedom away in bits and pieces to this or that momentary master. The thing that is unfortunately yet to be realized is when people turn abdullah-burkiagainst their own country under the influence of some twisted attention seeking tactics; they break the very system that has nurtured them for long. Mental Slavery is far more sinister than physical slavery because the chains are invisible and are transmitted across generations.Your Freedom is my Freedom.

I request from all the educated Pashtun people to come forward and change the way of thinking of our people. Otherwise those days’ are not far that our situation will be worst then the peoples of Kashmir, Palestine, Syria etc.

 by Abdullah Burki

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