Towards Secularism, Need attention


The present development and powerfulness of social media have created a challenge for religious clergy. The effectiveness and power of social media is a challenge and an abrupt change is predicted in every field of life. The easy access to knowledge have created a tremendous affect over the religious beliefs and thoughts. Commentary on various religious beliefs and thoughts have challenged the minds of the religious philosophers, philanthropists and that’s the reason the people are still in search of accurate and authentic answers. Defiantly it is a challenge for the religious preacher.

Since a decade the development of information technology have brought changes in the world. Particularly the young and educated people are engaged the process. Easy access to internet through which doors of knowledge like books, commentary, newspaper, articles and research are easily opened and available for everyone irrespective of their geographical location, religion, ethnicity etc. Indeed, this is a real challenge for the religious schools and clergy. Everyone one want to know and perhaps in search of what is the fact and reality. On the other hand various restriction of different religion on particular beliefs and views have weaken their stance. Similarly, the low popularity of modernization in religion have also affected their effectiveness over the educated population of the world. Recent trends and freedom of thoughts showed that the religious fictions are facing difficulties while answering the questions keeping in view the current development.javed jpeg

Due to all these reasons the young generation want to know every point of religious beliefs’. Perhaps this is the reason that the youngster and educated people are not getting satisfied and they do find their ways by themselves. This globalization of thoughts and thirst for reality created a challenge for all religions of the world. As many of the religious clergy are of the view thathuman beings are restricted or not allowed to question the very presence of religion and beliefs. This thoughts and views quite alerting the mindset of the youngster regarding their ideas of religions. The youngster which have no extraordinary knowledge are facing difficulties while interpreting their beliefs. Similarly, the division and sub-sects in every religion also strengthen the ambiguity among the youth. The youth who have no exact knowledge of a particular problem explained bya religion got confused and this made him thirsty to find the exact details. Sometime during the comments and sharing views on a particular point religious thoughts there is tussle among the followers which create a bad impression on youth. This also endorse tension and sometime go worsen the situation. We have proven practical examples of discussion on various talk shows of TV channel which got viral on social media.

The above mentality and ideas revealed that this vacuum is going to large with the passage of time because of the controversial statements and interpretation of religious beliefs.

Now the question is that how to solve the issue and what will be our mitigating strategies to cater theissues? Everyone has their own views to cater but few of the views are common to all. The very first thing is that how much religious tolerance we needed is to observe. The second is that how we can reduce the gaps between the sects and sub-sects of a religion as well as how we can make religious harmony among various religion of the world. What are the major points of similarities in among the religionwhich can build a mutual trust among the followers? But this can only be possible if at the primary level the religious clergy, leaders, theocrat etc. come close together globally and try to find a way because this will reduce the waves of religious extremism which is increasing day by day.

We can search and read the comments and views shared by the youngster on various social media sources including Facebook, twitter etc. and can get an idea of dissent views. If we didn’t checktowards this growing problem, the result will not be of a better end. This increase in secular thoughts among the young generation have a very bad impression on Islam as well for Pakistan. Unfortunately, some atheist and betrayed people are trying to confuse the youth and trying to put their views in the mind of youngster who have no exact knowledge and details of religion.

Being a Muslim it is our prime responsibilities to share knowledge and give importance to present logic and exact teaching of religion.  In this regard the Religious affairs ministry of Pakistancan pay pivotal role. There should be a state level religious research board where one can file an application to find out and ask regarding the solution of a religious problems in the light of Islam. Similarly, the Ulema and religious institutions should extend their support for tolerance, equality and religious harmony to respect for all religions. This may can reduce this sense of confusion among the young generation towards the solution of various questions in their mind. So this rapidly growing secular interpretation and questioning of the religious teachings can be reduce as well as on the other side will discourage the religious extremism in their minds. If we didn’t seriously intervene in the issue the result will adversely affect the feelings of believers and there will be a spread of panic among the people and next generation will suffer.As Islam is the religion of peace and we are being the followers of this peace loving religion to strengthen the norms of tolerance, justice, equality, logic, mutual understanding, so as to promote peace in the world.


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