Peaceful Protest aginst RED CRESCENT FATA


Bannu (Correspondent Yaghistan)

A peaceful protest has been reported in Bannu against Chairman RED CRESCENT FATA (Pakistan), Mr.Ikramullah jan kuki khel. The majority of protesters are peaceful with Placards and banners in their hands with protesting sentences against favouritism and nepotism in RED CRESCENT FATA in supervision of Chairman with collaboration of MNA Nazir (North Waziristan Agency).
The protesters says that downsizing on racial and ethnic basis will never ever accepted, its need to announce committee from World Food side and Pakistan Red Crescent to judge that from the last 3 months that how many downsized and how many new recruited.

In last the protesters revealed following documents in front of Media.

Detail of misappropriations in PRC FATA PHQ:

Established in May 2007 PRC FATA headquarter has been working very much in accordance with the rules of business. The partners and national headquarter remained satisfied with performance of FATA headquarter. PRC FATA started emergency food assistance to the TDPs of North Waziristan Agency (NWA) soon after the displacement in the month of August 2014 by establishing two General Food Distribution (GFD) points in district Bannu that provided food to TDPs of NWA at Bannu.

With the inception of the current Chairman FATA in Feb 2015, a tussle like situation got into the office. The Chairman used to call staff to his office other than Ex-Secretary Tufail Ahmad for different assignments. The rift depended with time and Tufail circulated emails to NHQ and members of Managing Board (MB) regarding different untoward circumstances in FATA headquarter but to no avail. The situation ended with the resign of the Secretary. Then came Rizwanullah , RFL Coordinator as Acting Secretary since Oct 27, 2015. It was a nice relationship as the Chair thought that there is no obstacle in his way now and he is free to do whatever he likes. But the situation took another turn and Rizwanullah refused to comply with certain issues like recruitments in WFP projects, procurements for the project and management of FATA Headquarter staff. Even the Comparative statements, quotations and many things are only signed by the Chairman himself and few staff of FATA.

To cut short I will quote some misappropriations known to myself and verified from different sources by categorizing in sections. The rest NHQ has to verify by sending strong team to FATA headquarter and field areas like Bara and Bannu. There is a need to call the ex-staff of WFP project to draw upon a good conclusion. It is strange to hear that some staff was even not hired but their salaries have been paid. Even some WFP staff enjoy overseas trip but their salaries were drawn regularly and smoothly.



2nd. 1-5


3rd 1-4

Some issues are very strange. Chairman called meeting of the Managing committee on the night of 25 March 2016 at 8.00 pm and advised Amjid Sohail PPO to not include Rizwanullah in the meeting. Meeting has no agenda or plan. Meeting was participated by Ghazi Rehman, Karim Mehsud. Prof Jamal, Tariq Aurakzai and Sher Mohammad Khan. Chairman told the forum that Rizwanullah has hacked his password and he needs to be terminated. Second Rizwanullah has taken car to Partnership Meeting in Islamabad without driver and thus he needs to be terminated. When the august form heard my replies which are as under:
          “Sir I did not take driver as we have only two drivers in office. As two groups are leaving for Islamabad for the same meeting. So if we take two drivers with us and there is an emergency in FATA, then we would not drivers for deployment. Thus I sacrificed and drove car myself and the other group will take one driver to Islamabad. Again the Chairman usually call these drivers in addition to his own. Thus there will be no driver then”

Regarding hacking of Password I asked them that the Hon Chairman should prove the guilt and I am ready for punishment. The forum is really sagacious and advised the chairman to restrain from such acts.
This is the second time happened. In the Second board meeting he put an application before the board for decision where he had charge sheeted Waqar Finance Officer PHQ by bringing ‘Chars” through Zahir Khan BHU Driver. Actually he wanted to terminate Waqar and replace him with Imran WFP Finance Officer by hatching a nefarious plan. Board rejects the application and asked the Chairman to deal it himself as it is not the mandate of board to decide upon such cases. Again board advised the Chairman to deal the staff politely and like your kids. If you want to engage them actively, you need treat them like an elder and real Chairman.

Note: On these issues he replaced Rizwanullah with Amjid Sohail as Acting Secretary on March 21, 2016. On March 31, 2016, he has told me through Amjid Sohail that my agreement will not be renewed beyond March 31, 2016 without giving Rizwanullah any prior notice or reason. I will go to defend myself and request the concerned to intervene please.

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