Nepotism and favouritism in red crescent FATA at its boom


Bannu (Correspondent Yaghistan).

It has been reported that favouritism and nepotism is on boom at RED CRESCENT FATA (Pakistan) in supervision of Mr.Ikramullah jan kuki khel with collaboration of MNA Nazir (North Waziristan Agency).
The protesting employees of PRCS at Bannu told our correspondent that:
We request to the higher up of PRCS and World Food Authorities to take serious notice against such ill-mannered Administration of Chairman PRCS, On one side chairman is saying that it’s a type of downsizing but on other side he is selecting his own and MNA Nazir’s kith and kin. Today on 11/04/2016, for example he selected Noor ul Amin wazir, who belongs to non effected Tehsil Shewa, the area of MNA Nazir.”
The protesters added that “Chairman first stated that downsizing were on performance basis subject to hub coordinators suggestions, but this was again a wrong statement, as we contacted hub coordinator and they even don’t know about today downsizing”.

The protesters told that “We strongly condemn these wrong decisions of Chairman PRCS and appeal to stop such activities and reinstate educated Dawar tribe (belong to effected area) youth in distribution centres. If you are planning to downsize than do it on proper merit basis. Save charity org from ill-mannered and political lobbies.

One of the protester told that “As the Same Mr.Ikramullah Jan Koki khel previously Recruited Wazirs from Wana in Mehsud Belt, has Clearly Violated the Orders of Safron Committee and FATA Secretariat about the Recruitment of Locals on All available Vacancies. Mr Hayat Mehsud a Pharmacist by Profession was left for the Favoured Person of of MNA Ghalib Khan Wazir from Wana. On one side he is downsizing and on the other he is selecting people of MNA, member of PML (N) Nazar Din and chairman’s own likes and dislikes.
The protesters added that downsizing on racial and ethnic basis will never ever accepted, its need to announce committee from World Food side and Pakistan Red Crescent to judge that from the last 3 months that how many downsized and how many new recruited.

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